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Term Loan

Line of Credit

Term Loan

  • 5-7 year term

  • 7-12% APR

  • Fully Amortized payment structure (Monthly Payment)

  • Cash deposited into account with no restriction on use

  • Funding up to $300,000


  • 680 credit scores across the board (Or co-signer with 680 scores)

  • $50,000 or more in personal income the past 2 years



Business credit lines

  • Revolving term (Keep open forever)

  • 0% interest the first 6-12 months

  • Only pay monthly for what you are using

  • Funding up to $150,000


  • 700 scores across the board or higher (Or co-signer with 700 scores)

  • Must have a business


In both of our programs we are able to work with pre-revenue startups or seasoned businesses. We have no industry restrictions, and no minimum length of time in business restrictions. Our process is a quick 7-10 days from start to finish. If you want to go over this a little more in depth do not hesitate to give me a call today!

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